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Quantum heat pump hot water

Heat pumps have had a huge uptake in Dunedin over the last five years. The main reason for this is that they suit our climate and have proven to be a very economical way to heat a home.

Quantum heat pump hot water cylinders use the same technology combined with an extremely efficient cylinder to provide a super efficient and environmentally friendly water heating system.

How it Works:

The heat pump principle is simple and can be compared to a refrigerator, but in reverse. It extracts latent energy from the air and transfers it to the heating system. This free energy from the environment is converted to useful heat to heat water.

The Detail:

A Quantum heat pump is a patented system whereby heat from the ambient air is absorbed by an environmentally friendly refrigerant in the evaporator. This refrigerant gas is then compressed which causes the gas’s temperature and pressure to be raised. This hot gas is passed through copper tubes wrapped around the outside of the water tank as the condensor. Heat is then transferred from the tubes to the water inside the tank.

Once the heat from the compressed gas has been transferred to the water in the tank, the gas becomes a liquid again as it has lost it’s heat. This liquid gas then passes through an expansion device and back to the evaporator. The cycle is then repeated until the water in the storage tank reaches the set temperature.

150 litre, 270 litre and 340 litre systems are available to suit all applications. Installation is simple and is an ideal replacement for electric cylinders and LPG water heaters.

The Savings:

The Quantum heat pump’s efficiency stems from the fact that only minimal electricity is required for the compressor, fan and digital display panel. It works in temperatures as low as -10 degrees up to +40 degrees Celsius, both day and night without the need for boosting.

Heating hot water accounts for between 30% – 50% of the homes energy bill. Savings of up to 75% of your hot water heating can be made while drastically reducing your homes carbon footprint.

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