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Hot Water Heat Pumps designed for New Zealand

Hot water heat pumps are the new standard in hot water heating for New Zealand homes and businesses, delivering savings of at least 65% on water heating costs*.

Aquarian hot water heat pumps use advanced technologyclever design and robust stainless steel construction for New Zealand conditions and lifestyles.  Our hot water heat pumps deliver the fast water heating, hot water pressure and up-front affordability that New Zealanders expect from a traditional hot water cylinder, with an ongoing 65% saving in energy costs.

Check out our range of Aquarian hot water heat pumps – we have a size and configuration to suit your property and lifestyle or business needs, all with our proven sales and installation service and 10-year guarantee.

Make the switch to a hot water heat pump and join the thousands of New Zealanders already enjoying cheaper, more efficient hot water.  Contact one of our sales team for a quote today.

Contact us today for a no-obligation in-home estimate.