The Heating Company stocks all major brands of heat pump

And because of this, we offer the best un-biased advice available.

Play this 40 second video to hear from our senior home heating assessor and qualified master electrician, John Bayne.

The Heating Company provides:

  • Honest un-biased advice to help you make the best choice for your needs.
  • Plus – A helpful Heatpump Drivers Manual written in plain English so you can work the machine properly right from the start.
  • Plus – A personal Driving lesson to make sure that you’ve got it under control.
  • Plus – A telephone helpline with friendly Dunedinites to assist you with any questions.
  • Plus – A 24Hr/7 day Emergency Callout Service if there is ever an electrical problem at your house.
  • Plus – On-going annual cleaning & maintenance so you keep saving all the money you should on your electricity bills.
  • Plus – Our exclusive Heating Company Comfort Guarantee means you will always feel confident that you have made the right choice.

So watch out for fly-by-nighters and someone trying to sell you the only thing they’ve got.

Call experts like us with a wide range of brands and products, a solid history in Dunedin and the knowledge to able to recommend a choice and mix of solutions for all your home or commercial heating requirements.

The Heating Company Comfort Guarantee

Our exclusive Heating Company Comfort Guarantee is at least 4 times better…

  1. Our Machine Quality Guarantee means that we only sell top quality devices that have a manufacturers warranty of no less than 5 years so you can be comfortable that it will not let you down.
  2. Our Installation Quality Guarantee means that we warranty all our parts, consumables and labour expended in the installation of your new heatpump for the same length of time as the heatpump itself so you need never worry about being caught out by part-time contractors who use shonky bits and who won’t be there when you need them most
  3. Our Code Compliance Guarantee means you can be sure that everything we do meets or exceeds NZ standards and comes with a Code Compliance Certificate.
  4. Our System Performance Guarantee means that the heating system we install for you will do what we say it will or we will REFUND YOUR MONEY IN FULL.