Toshiba Heat Pumps for Dunedin Homes and Businesses


Stay on the cutting edge of heat pump technology with a Toshiba!

Did you know that the team at Toshiba actually created ‘Inverter Technology’, which has seen the most significant development in heat pump technology?

While being innovative has made Toshiba one of the most successful brands on the market, they have not waivered on their level of care for the environment. This has seen them produce a range of the most efficient heat pumps that reduce the levels of greenhouse emissions at the source!

Check out some of their fantastic range below!

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Our Best-Selling Toshiba Models

Toshiba PKVG 13.png

Toshiba PKVG 13

Toshiba PKVG 16.png

Toshiba PKVG 16

Toshiba PKVG 24.png

Toshiba PKVG 24

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